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Why  I  Believe  There  Is  A  God

( audio run time: 3 min - 30 sec )

Why I Believe There Is A God
by Carl Vasta

Have you ever wondered if there is a God?  One who is responsible for the creation of the universe and all living things.

The  Simplicity  Of  Salvation
Through  Jesus  Christ

mp3 ( audio run time: 27 min - 32 sec ) mp3

The  Simplicity  Of  Salvation
by Carl Vasta

These are some of the stories of easy salvation.

No speaking in tongues, no being baptised with water.  'For God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son,  so that everyone who believes in him may not die but have eternal life.'

( The Book Of John, Chapter 3, Verse 16 )

A  Family  Prayer

"A  Family  Prayer"

This is a beautiful prayer at anytime of the day,  or for those gathered at your table for a meal.

An  Old  Man's  Prayer

( audio run time: 3 min - 13 sec )

"An  Old  Man's  Prayer"
( Psalm 71 )

Lord, I have come to you for protection; never let me be defeated!  Because you are righteous, help me and rescue me,  Listen to me and save me!

There will be terrible times in the last days.  People will be lovers....

( audio run time: 1 min - 40 sec )

"Terrible Times In The Last Days..."

A prediction by Paul, in a letter to Timothy, about what people would be like in the days just before Jesus returns to Earth to set up His Kingdom.

What  You  Must  Do
To  Increase  Your  Faith  In  God

( audio run time: 2 min - 52 sec )

What You Must Do
To Increase Your Faith In God

"My children,  when you come to serve the Lord,  prepare yourself for trials."

( A reading from “The Wisdom Of Sirach” )

To  Be  A  Citizen

( audio run time: 2 min - 52 sec )

To Be A Citizen
by Carl Vasta

A friend was brought here from Canada when she was 5 years old and both her parents became citizens but sixty years later,  she has to apply for citizenship because the laws have changed since she was young!

Have  A  Meaningful
Relationship  With  God

( audio run time: 18 min - 07 sec )

Have A Meaningful Relationship With God
by Carl Vasta

How do I start to have a daily meaningful relationship with God?  The first requirement is to believe .... there  is  a  God !


The  Only  Ones  That  Ever  Died

( by Carl Vasta )

I was walking in the land of giants, not forest green,  but red.  I was feeling sad and lonely, Someone told me you were dead.  I came to see the big red trees that had lived from long ago, and maybe in their presence, I would find out what they know.

Picture Of Man Looking At The Redwood Trees

These massive souls with roots so shallow grasping to the sod, were some how being balanced by the loving hand of GOD.

I saw some struck by lightning,  others broken on the ground,  and all around the redwood tombs, new life was abound.

GOD made a promise to the "red" that they would never die,  and be the giants of the world,  ever trying to reach the sky.

All they did was to believe, strong and faithful these, and the only ones that ever died were the non-believing trees.

I feel your presence here with me as we walk along.  I feel your spirit loving me and I know you're living on.

Your new life has found in me a reason not to cry,  but like the giants of the world,  keep trying to reach the sky.... and

All they did was to believe strong and faithful these,  and the only ones that ever died were the non-believing trees.


Twinkle  and  Shine

( by Carl Vasta )

Poem printed on universe poster


Kitty  Watching  The  Moon

( A poem by Carl Vasta )

kitty watching the moon

A warm full moon in a cool spring sky, with florescent clouds that go floating by

A lonely kitty in a window sill, watches the moon hide behind a hill

Morning shadows across the yard, a heavenly changing of the guard

Soon the day is full of light, with one last yawn kitty says, "good night"

kitty says good night

The Music Of Carl Vasta
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