Carl At The Keyboard - Photo by William Vasta

If The Little Baby Jesus Hadn't Been Born
Words & Music by Carl Vasta - copyright 2002

Among my favorites is this song I wrote after seeing a man all dressed up
in a pinstripe suit,  with a stylish hat and tie,  standing on a street
corner,  waving a bible and shouting to the people driving and
riding in the cars passing by.

I have created a ( MIDI file )  for the sheet music you will see below and it can give you
an idea how the song is played.  You can print the ( PDF sheet music ) with the link
below and there is also an  ( MP3 of the MIDI File )  and a player,  if your computer
doesn't play MIDI.  There is also a link to hear Carl sing the finished song.

Since all my MP3 songs, sheet music, MIDI files and everything on this website is
free,  I only ask that if you share these files or use my recordings for your video or
public performance,  please give me proper credit as "author or performing artist".
I Thank You For Your Consideration !  -  Carl Vasta      Print PDF      Midi File      MP3 of Midi File      MP3 - Carl singing

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MP3  Of  The  MIDI

Lead Sheet-Page 1
Lead Sheet-Page 2

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