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Carl At The Keyboard - Photo by William Vasta

If  The  Little  Baby  Jesus
Hadn't  Been  Born

Among my favorites is this song I wrote after seeing a man all dressed up in a pinstripe suit,  with a stylish hat and tie,  standing on a street corner,  waving a bible and shouting to the people driving and riding in the cars passing by.

I have created a ( MIDI file )  for the sheet music you will see below and it can give you an idea how the song is played.


You can print the ( PDF sheet music ) with the link below and there is also an  ( MP3 of the MIDI File )  in the player below,  if your computer doesn't play MIDI.


To hear Carl sing the finished song, take the link at the top of the page or use the player below the sheet music.

mp3...MP3  Of  The  MIDI...mp3

MP3  Of  The  MIDI

To download the MP3, right  click  on  the  player and "save target as" or "audio"  to your computer

Lead Sheet-Page 1
Lead Sheet-Page 2

Here is an MP3 of  Carl  Vasta  singing,

If  The  Little  Baby  Jesus
Hadn't  Been  Born

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