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- Why I Believe There Is A God -

The Atheist Delusion



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Have you ever wondered if there is a God?  One who is responsible for the creation of the universe and all living things.

Take a look around you and notice the things you see.  A desk,  a television,  furniture,  a computer,  pencils,  pens,  the room that you're in.

If you are outdoors,  notice the roads,  the sidewalks,  cars,  trucks,  and buses,  the street lights and traffic signals,  buildings,  and much more.  They all have one thing in common...a designer!

Doctors and scientist have shown us that our bodies contain a number of systems that enable us to see the world,  to hear the sounds and feel textures of our life,  and to taste the many flavors of food that we eat.

The digestive system breaks down the food and nourishes our bodies.  Our hearts pump blood through veins and arteries to deliver oxygen that is received from the lungs.  Our immune system fights disease and heals our scrapes and cuts.  Our muscles and bones help us to move and run,  and our brain,  the super computer of the body,  sorts it all out and makes all the systems work together.

It's the brain that helps us to remember and helps us to forget,  gives us emotions to laugh and cry,  yes, even helps us to fall in love!  Because of the brain, we have the ability to solve the many problems that life presents us.

Some people say there is no God; that life came from a mixture of elements,  thrown together at the mysterious dawn of creation,  and because the conditions were right,  life was spawned. So what we are today evolved from that?  A body with no designer?

Isn't that amazing!  We live in a world where everything around us is designed and manufactured by somebody,  but our bodies have no designer?

Yet,  how can we justify the thousands of years of research, and the un-countable amount of money, mankind has spent trying to unlock the mysteries of  "a body no one designed?"

Take a deep look into the night's sky and ponder where we are.  The complicated universe spinning in an orderly fashion.  No designer you say?

That's why I believe there is a God.


I believe that the whole universe and all creation exists in the mind of God, and that is why whatever He wills ....... is done.

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