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Music  Of
Carl  Vasta

Picture of Carl drawn on bar napkin by Bob Evans at Lyon's English Grille, Palm Springs 01-22-2002

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Original The Music Of
Carl Vasta.


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American Flag

America  The  Free

[ MP3 & Lyric Sheet ]   [ Sheet Music & Midi File ]

"America The Free" is a new song dedicated to the power of the American people.  That power is The VOTE!

The framers of the Constitution planned it so that the people would be able to decide what direction America should travel.

We have found that, if you elect thugs, robbers, and thieves as leaders of a country, you will be held up,  robbed and have your lives stolen from you.

We the people have the power to choose what kind of a nation we want to live in!

Let us pray that God will give us the wisdom to elect leaders who have a strong faith ..... like our Founding Fathers, and who are willing to promote moral well being among our people and teach the value of the FREEDOMS given to us in our Bill Of Rights and our Constitution.

A  Song  For  The  Fallen  Hero

[ MP3 & Lyric Sheet ]   [ Sheet Music & Midi File ]

A song dedicated to the men and women who sacrificed their lives so we could continue to live in freedom!


With  This  Heart  Of  Mine

[ MP3 & Lyric Sheet ]   [ Sheet Music & Midi File ]

This is a song I wrote in 1963 for my soon to be wife,  Mary,  for Valentine's Day.


The  Lord's  Prayer

[ MP3 & Lyric Sheet ]   [ Sheet Music & Midi File ]

Jesus' Prayer To The Father. He taught his disciples how to pray, with the these words.  He taught all who would listen, how and what to ask for, when praying to the Father.

Let  Jesus  In

[ MP3 & Lyric Sheet ]   [ Sheet Music & Midi File ]

This is a gospel song calling us to open our hearts to Jesus.

Mary  Mary  Mary

[ MP3 & Lyric Sheet ]   [ Sheet Music & Midi File ]

What Mary, the mother of Jesus might have said to people who lived in her village,  about the crucifixion of her son, and the empty tomb three days later.

My  Father  Is  So  Good  To  Me

[ MP3 & Lyric Sheet ]   [ Sheet Music & Midi File ]

God gives us blessings that are seen and not seen.

Into  God's  Hands
Our  Spirit  Will  Go
( The Martyr's Song )

[ MP3 & Lyric Sheet ]   [ Sheet Music & Midi File ]

This is a song for all Christians facing the persecution that Jesus told us about.


The  Smiling  Kitty
( A Piano Solo )

[ MP3 & Lyric Sheet ]

My Kitty

"The Smiling Kitty"  is a fun song to play because it wanders through twelve different key changes using the circle of fifths.

The  Smiling  Kitty
( Piano, Bass & Drums )

[ Sheet Music & Midi File ]

The midi file / sheet music page has two versions of this song other than the piano solo.


I've  Got  A  Heartache
Just  Thinking  Of  You

[ MP3 & Lyric Sheet ]   [ Sheet Music & Midi File ]

This is a song I wrote in 1980 after my sweet wife had died of cancer. With our four boys,  ages 5 to 13, it was one of the hardest times of our life. Only for the grace of God did we keep our sanity!

I  Remember  Mama,
I  Remember  Papa

[ MP3 & Lyric Sheet ]   [ Sheet Music & Midi File ]

I wrote this song because a friend's father and mother had died.  I thought about my own parents and thanked God for them.

Being a parent myself,  I hoped my children would remember me and their mother for the good times we had and the things we tried to teach them.


Stephen's  Song

[ MP3 & Lyric Sheet ]   [ Sheet Music & Midi File ]

When I wrote this song,  one of my sons was so impressed with it,  he learned to play it on his cello,  so I named the song after him.

The mp3 arrangement is played using a French-style accordion and a Spanish guitar.

The sheet music / midi file is played with piano.

The Music Of Carl Vasta
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