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- Terrible Times In The Last Days -
( People will be lovers . . . )

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There will be terrible times
in the last days.
People will be lovers ....

of themselves
and lovers of money,

proud,  arrogant,  abusive,  disobedient to their parents,

ungrateful,  using profanity and showing contempt for  and all that is sacred.

They will be without love,  unfeeling,  heartless  and  cruel,

taking pleasure in getting revenge,
and ready to ruin someone's reputation  by telling lies and stirring trouble.

They will think,  speak  and  act immorally,
and will ridicule people trying to do what is right and good.

They will be brutal, hating anything that is good.

They will be treacherous,  reckless,  pompous,  lovers of pleasure  rather than lovers of God.

They will pretend  to be religious or church going people,  but they will not believe God's word  and will deny God's power.

Stay away from these people.

This reading is found in the bible  -  The New Testament
Book of 2nd Timothy,  Chapter 3,  Verses 1-7

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