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The remaining chapters,  up to the introduction of Jesus,  concern the struggle of the Abraham's descendants to put their faith in God like he did!  So far we have only been reading from the beginning book of the bible; Genesis.  The word "bible" comes from a Greek term "BIBLIA" meaning "the books".  The bible is divided into two sections;  the "Old Testament", which is all that happened before Jesus was born and the "New Testament",  which is all that happened after Jesus was born.

Both old and new testaments are combined to make up what is known as "The Bible",  which are a collection of books by different writers inspired by the Holy Spirit,  to give God's message to man.  It took about 1400 years to complete the Bible,  starting from the time of Moses to the end of the first century A.D.  The Bible or "scripture" is another way God chose to reveal Himself to his creation.  It's pages show what happened to those people who put their faith in Him and what happened to those who did not believe.


Before the written Bible,  God made Himself known to his people by communicating with them directly.  There was no bible for Adam and Eve,  Noah,  Abraham,  Isaac,  Jacob or Joseph!  There was no written law until Moses received it from God on Mount Sinai.  From that point in time,  everything concerning God became "scripture",  but God still chose to speak to his people directly!  The communication between God and man continued all the way to the last page of the Bible with the Revelation to John.  His people listened and acted upon His word.

The bible makes the point that God has not changed!  Does that mean God talks to His people today?  Yes,  those who put their faith in Him and listen will hear His voice. 

Jesus backs it up by saying at the last supper:


"The Holy Spirit whom the Father will send in my name will instruct you in everything, and remind you of all that I told you"...and..."When he comes,  however,  being the Spirit Of Truth,  he will guide you to all truth.  He will not speak on his own,  but will speak only what he hears,  and will announce to you the things to come.  In doing this he will give glory to me,  because he will have received from me what he will announce to you."

(John 14:26  &  16:13-15)

mp3...THE  REST  OF  THE  STORY...mp3

If we look at the Bible as one book, we will see that it has a beginning,  a middle,  and an end.  We have already read the beginning and are starting the middle part of the Bible.  From here on,  I will make short paragraphs hitting the high points to keep the story-line.  I will include references where you can find this information in the Bible if you choose to read more.

mp3...ISAAC,  ( JACOB  and  ESAU )...mp3

Isaac has two sons named Jacob and Esau.  Esau is the first born, but sells his birthright to Jacob for a bowl of stew.  When Isaac is old,  he unknowingly gives Jacob a blessing for the first born,  in which God blesses him in every thing he does.  Esau is angry when he finds out and plots to kill his brother.

Rebekah,  Isaac's wife who has helped Jacob steal the first blessing,  sends Jacob to her brother Laban,  in Haran.  He has two daughters and deceives Jacob into marrying both of his daughters.  As payment for his daughters,  Jacob has to work as a shepherd for Laban fourteen years.  Jacob finally escapes Laban's grasp and takes his wives, children, servants, sheep and animals he has earned.  Laban returns from a week's journey to find them gone and pursues Jacob and family with his own men.

Meanwhile Esau hears of Jacob coming into the area and sets off to meet him!  Laban catches up with Jacob and finally makes peace with him.  After Jacob and his family leave Laban,  he hears about Esau and his men coming for him and makes preparations to meet him.  At this point the Bible says he wrestles with an Angel and the Angel blesses him and names him Israel.  After this Esau and his men meet him,  but Esau and Jacob make peace.

Jacob finally settles in the land of Canaan with his twelve sons,  which become the Twelve Tribes of Israel.  The first ten sons were from the wife he did not choose and the last two sons were from the wife he chose and loved.

(Found in Genesis, Chapter 25:19 through Chapter 37)


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