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Storyline Player

The  Storyline  Of  The  Bible
by  Carl  Vasta

Hi, my name is Carl Vasta and I'd like to welcome you the Storyline Of The Bible.

There are at least 66 books that make up the bible.  Sometimes trying to follow a storyline is difficult because there are books that exist in between the storyline that are good for support and prayer like

( Wisdom,  Job,  Psalms,  and  Proverbs )

They take you away from the Storyline, but I have put the  "Storyline Of The Bible"  into 19 easy to read pages that you can print out or save as a PDF file.

And now,  you can listen to the Storyline Of The Bible read by Kathy Bird.

There is an MP3 link to listen to every whole page or you can listen to the MP3 topics that interest you on that page.

MP3 makes it fast and easy to listen with your computers, ipads and smartphones.

The Storyline includes book, chapter and verse references so you can find the topics in any standard version of the bible.

If you ever wanted to know what the bible is all about ... HERE IS YOUR CHANCE!

There is a VIDEO PLAYER on each page where you can read along with or just listen to the audio.


Storyline  Of  The  Bible
I  N  D  E  X

published 2006 by

Storyline  Of  The  Bible
[ 191kb - 53 pages ]

Download to your computer and you
can read it off line or print it out


For a quick listen, use the players under the page number titles or click the links under the players to see the video and download the MP3s

Page  1

( audio run time: 6 min-32 sec )

( page 1 )

Before The Beginning

The Earth

The Creation Of Mankind

Page  2

( audio run time: 6 min-57 sec )

( page 2 )

The Great Flood

Noah And The Animals
Float For Over A Year

God Starts A New World

God Gives Laws For His People
With A Promise

Page  3

( audio run time: 6 min-06 sec )

( page 3 )

God Repopulates The World

God Starts The Hebrew Nation

Page  4

( audio run time: 6 min-10 sec )

( page 4 )

Abram's Has A Child
With Sarai's Maidservant

God Confirms His Covenant
With Abraham

God's Command To Be Circumcised

God's Reveals That Sarah ( Age 90 )
Will Have A Son

Page  5

( audio run time: 9 min-43 sec )

( page 5 )

Hagar And Ishmael Sent Away

God Tests Abraham

Sarah's Death

A Bride For Isaac

Abraham's Descendants

Page  6

( audio run time: 5 min-03 sec )

( page 6 )

About The Bible

Communication With God

The Rest Of The Story

Isaac & Jacob

Page  7

( audio run time: 5 min-38 sec )

( page 7 )



Moses Goes To Egypt

God Brings Ten Plagues Upon Pharaoh

Page  8

( audio run time: 5 min-49 sec )

( page 8 )

The Ten Commandments

The Promised Land

Page  9

( audio run time: 5 min-37 sec )

( page 9 )

Israel In The Promised Land

Israel Is Divided Into Two Kingdoms

The Kingdom Of Judah Is Destroyed

Israel Returned After Captivity

The End Of The Old Testament

Page  10

( audio run time: 8 min-22 sec )

( page 10 )

Jerusalem Between
The Old And New Testament

The Beginning Of The New Testament

Gabriel Announces The Birth
Of John The Baptist

Gabriel Announces Birth Of Jesus

Elizabeth Gives Birth
To John The Baptist

Joseph Decides To
Break The Engagement To Mary

Page  11

( audio run time: 6 min-13 sec )

( page 11 )

Augustus Orders A Census

Mary Gives Birth To Jesus

Author's Note:  About
The Origin Of The Calendar

Astrologers Come From The East

The Astrologers ( The Three Wise Men ) Find The Baby Jesus

Herod Dies

Page  12

( audio run time: 9 min-47 sec )

( page 12 )

Mary & Joseph Lose Jesus In Jerusalem

John The Baptist

Jesus Is Baptized

Jesus Is Tempted

The Ministry Of Jesus

Page  13

( audio run time: 10 min-01 sec )

( page 13 )

The Transfiguration

Jesus Comes To Jerusalem

Jesus In The Temple

The Last Supper

Page  14

( audio run time: 11 min-35 sec )

( page 14 )

The Arrest Of Jesus

The Trial Of Jesus

The Crucifixion Of Jesus

Page  15

( audio run time: 10 min-38 sec )

( page 15 )

The Resurrection

The Apostles Prepared
To Start The Church /
Thomas Finally Believes

The Acts Of The Apostles /
The Replacement Of Judas

The Holy Spirit And
The Birth Of The Church

The Church Of Jesus Grows

Page  16

( audio run time: 11 min-14 sec )

( page 16 )

The Conversion Of Saul

Preaching The Gospel
To The Gentiles

Paul's First Missionary Journey

Page  17

( audio run time: 6 min-55 sec )

( page 17 )

Letters In Support Of The Churches

Paul's Second Missionary Journey

Paul's Third Missonary Journey

Paul Sent To Rome

Page  18

( audio run time: 8 min-30 sec )

( page 18)

Paul Shipwrecked

Paul In Rome

The Closing Years For The Apostles

Page  19

( audio run time: 11 min-51 sec )

( page 19 )

The Book Of Revelation /
The Four Visions

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