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The Paraphrased Quotes
From Jesus - Index

Published 2006 and 2007

[ 24 Paraphrased Quotes & Stories ]
( From Jesus - PDF File - 196kb - 48pages )
Published 2006 & 2007 by

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Lazarus  And  The  Rich  Man

( audio run time: 2 min - 23 sec )

Lazarus And The Rich Man
( about death and believing )

A story about a poor beggar named Lazarus,  who lived outside a rich man's house hoping to receive scraps of food from the rich man's table.

The  Greatest  Commandment

( audio run time: 1 min - 59 sec )

The Greatest Commandment
( about love )

Jesus tells the people that 'all the laws that have been given to you by Moses and the Prophets are based on these two commands'.

The  Lost  Sheep  &  The  Lost  Son

( audio run time: 4 min - 52 sec )

The Lost Sheep & The Lost Son
( rejoicing for those who have )
( given up their life of sin )

There will be more joy in heaven over one who gives up their life of sin and seeks God's ways than those who have been living faithfully in God.

The  Meaning  Of  Easter

( audio run time: 11 min - 21 sec )

The Meaning Of Easter
( Three Examples From Jesus )

Three examples from Jesus about the real meaning of Easter:  The Paralyzed Man,  Jesus Brings Lazarus Back To Life,  The Unbelief Of Thomas.

The  Worry  Of  Daily  Life

( audio run time: 3 min - 08 sec )

The Worry Of Daily Life

'Do Not Worry,'  Jesus said,  'Who of you,  by worrying,  can add one moment to your life-span?'

The  Ten  Lepers

( audio run time: 2 min - 00 sec )

The Ten Lepers

Jesus shows only one out of ten people in this world believes and gives thanks to God for anything good in their lives.  Where are you on this list?

The  Good  Samaritan

( audio run time: 2 min - 51 sec )

The Good Samaritan

A teacher of the law asks Jesus to define 'who is your neighbor' in Jesus' teaching,  'and you shall love your neighbor as you love yourself '.

How  To  Give  And  How  To  Pray

( audio run time: 3 min - 14 sec )

How To Give and How To Pray

Jesus teaches the people the way God would have us pray,  ( The Lord's Prayer ),  and the way God would have us give to others.

The  Un-believing  Towns

( audio run time: 1 min - 51 sec )

The Un-believing Towns

The people who lived in the towns where Jesus performed most of his miracles did not turn away from their sins.

Signs  Revealing  Christ's
Return  To  Earth

( audio run time: 8 min - 55 sec )

Signs Revealing Christ's
Return To Earth

Jesus tells his disciples what signs will reveal his return to Earth to start his 1000 year reign as King of the world.

The  Last  Supper

( audio run time: 7 min - 03 sec )

The Last Supper

The events of preparing a room so Jesus and the Apostles could share a last supper together before his arrest,  trial  and  crucifixion.

Why  We  Should
Celebrate  Christmas

( audio run time: 5 min - 40 sec )

Why We Should
Celebrate Christmas

In the Jimmy Stewart movie,  It's  A  Wonderful  Life,  we are told,  "Every time you hear a bell ring,  an angel gets his wings".

"Christmas is the bell God uses to remind us a savior was born,  and by our faith in Jesus,  we have been redeemed to live forever."   -   Carl Vasta

The  Things  That
Make  A  Person  Unclean

( audio run time: 3 min - 20 sec )

The Things That
Make A Person Unclean

Jesus answers the 'teachers of the law' about washing your hands before you eat and what really makes you unclean!

Marriage,  Adultery,  and  Divorce

( audio run time: 7 min - 24 sec )

Marriage, Adultery, and Divorce

Jesus addresses questions about Marriage In Heaven,  Marriage In The Last Days,  Divorce,  Adultery,  and even Defines Adultery.

Jesus,  Chooses,  The  Apostles

( audio run time: 12 min - 43 sec )

Jesus Chooses The Apostles

How and where Jesus chose the 12 disciples who became his Apostles.

The  Coming  Persecutions
For  The  Believers

( audio run time: 11 min - 04 sec )

The Coming Persecutions
For The Believers

Jesus sends his disciples to towns to preach the good news and tells them what to expect,  who to be afraid of,  about their rewards,  and his final words to them at the last supper.

Jesus  Feeds  5000  Men
not  counting  women  and  children
( part 1 )

( audio run time: 5 min - 17 sec )

Jesus Feeds 5000 Men
not counting women and children

This is one of two times that Jesus fed large crowds. This story tells how he fed 5000 men,  not counting the women  or  children - with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish.

Jesus  Walks  On  The  Water

( audio run time: 3 min - 04 sec )

Jesus Walks On The Water
( part 2 )

Jesus appears walking on the water to his disciples who are in a boat,  in the midst of a storm.  He encourages Peter to walk on the water to him.

The  Bread  Of  Life

( audio run time: 8 min - 39 sec )

The Bread Of Life
( part 3 )

Jesus said,  'Man cannot live on bread alone, but needs every word that God speaks.'  Bread nourishes of the body, the Word Of God nourishes of the soul.

The  Meaning  Of  The  Cross

( audio run time: 11 min - 07 sec )

The Meaning Of The Cross

Jesus relates his cross to the bronze snake Moses made to heal the people bitten and dying from snake bites.  More quotes by Jesus and Paul about the cross.

Jonah  And  The  Whale

( audio run time: 3 min - 07 sec )

Jonah And The Whale

The Pharisees and the teachers of the law ask Jesus for a miracle. He tells them none shall be given to them except the sign of Jonah.

Jesus  And  The  Devil

( audio run time: 5 min - 03 sec )

Jesus And The Devil

Jesus tells the teachers of the law, the people, and his disciples the truth about the Devil and evil spirits.

Jesus  And  The  Sabbath
( The Day Of Rest )

( audio run time: 2 min - 52 sec )

Jesus And The Sabbath
( The Day Of Rest )

Jesus establishes a rule for the Sabbath: 'The Sabbath was made for the good of man;  man was not made for the Sabbath.'

The  Christmas  Story
( The Birth Of Jesus )

( audio run time: 13 min - 19 sec )

The Christmas Story
( The Birth Of Jesus )

Audio Version read by Kathy Bird
Music and ending comment by Carl Vasta

This is the Christmas Story or the events that took place before and at the birth of Jesus.

Also the things that happened after he was born: He was taken to Egypt until King Herod died and brought to the city of Nazareth,  in Galilee.

There is also the first quote by Jesus recorded in bible at the age of twelve years old,  after Mary and Joseph lost him for three days in Jerusalem.

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