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- To Be A Citizen -

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I have a friend who was born in another country and she came to the United States with her parents when she was five years old.   After a while her parents became citizens of the U.S. and she remembers vividly her parents ‘swearing in ceremony.’   She was given a green card with her picture on it and it was assumed at that time by her parents and the people living here that she became a citizen of the United States naturally.

After many years her parents grew old and they died and she finally grew old enough to receive Social Security but when she applied, she was told she had no record of citizenship. She still had her green card with her young picture,  but she didn’t have any other papers proving she was a citizen. The papers that her parents may have received were lost,  so she was advised to seek another application for citizenship.

She can’t apply for the Social Security she paid in to until she is deemed a citizen of the land she has lived in for most of her life. She is devastated while she is striving for a resolution to this problem !

Let me take a moment here to say to anyone reading this that,  “All your worldly dreams:  a home,   a business,   a reputation as an artist,   a dream to be the president,  or a king .......  will be cancelled with your last breath.”

At that point,  you are no longer a citizen of the world.  All that you owned was in that world and now you own nothing!

You were a king in that world and now,  you have no kingdom!  You are nobody with nothing!

You may even come to realize that.......  you were only a guest on the Earth for a short time.

You may be famous .....
and think the people in this world will remember your accomplishments.

Generations come and go and if your name happens to come up two or three generations from now,  people then will probably ask,  "Who was that?"

My friend is lost here in government red tape with laws that change with the passing of time.

Those who have taken their last breath here may soon realize that what they strived to own here,  turned out to be useless where they are.

There is an advertising slogan for the gambling town  LAS VEGAS  that states:

“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”

We could say the same thing for the Earth:

“What we acquire on the Earth stays on the Earth!”

We might have  less stress  and  feel more at ease  if we used the things we acquired as if they were rented.

Jesus made the point by saying,
  “What profit can a person realize if they gain the whole world but lose their soul in the process.”

So What Can We Take With Us When We Die?

*Our Name,  Our Deeds  Or Whatever We Did Here As Guests Of The Earth

*Did we give recognition and thanks to our host,  God,  The Father?

*Did we find joy in His son, Jesus when He introduced us to Him?

*How did we treat his other guests who were here?

*And while we were here,  did we apply for citizenship in the Kingdom Of Heaven?  Not a citizenship that disappears when we take our last breath,  but a citizenship that never disappears because .....


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