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Paraphrased Quotes & Stories From Jesus

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- The  Skittish  Cat -

I know of a feral cat in our neighborhood and it really doesn’t belong to anyone, but two or three years ago, it came to my house.  I’ve had a liking for dogs, cats and all sorts of creatures and I’ve raised my four sons to appreciate and be kind to God’s creations.

I know they thought sometimes I was going overboard when I would take a foam cup and a greeting card and trap a creature flying around the house by putting the cup over it and sliding the card under the cup, trapping it and taking it outside and setting it free!

They asked why I just didn’t use the fly swatter.  I told them, “Because I can’t create one these creatures that God created, and I’m giving the respect that God deserves for His creation by setting it free.”

We can learn many things by observing God’s creations like taking notice of the small humming bird and how it flies and gathers nectar from the various flowers in the garden.  Or how a dog or a cat can be protective of the people it lives with.  I remember a video recently showing a cat that chased away a dog threatening a child.  Sometimes a family pet like a dog will give notice to strangers who come into the presence of the members of the family by barking or growling.

We’ve all heard of or seen stories about the abuse some pets go through being chained up in extreme hot or freezing places or someone who has too many pets,  domestic and feral, kept in their house or a building,  to the point they are all suffering.  This is not limited to dogs and cats, but other animals like horses and livestock.

The feral animal,  which means those who live on the street and who have no home.  Maybe someone who was their guardian died and their pet was not noticed or considered and went to the streets.

Enter the feral cat who came to my house looking for food, but was so afraid to come near,  that for three years now, it never allows me to come closer than five or six feet.  It is a yellow “Morris” cat that you might see in commercials,  but it looked beat up and afraid.

I’ve tried to help other animals who came to me,  some with tags that had phone numbers or addresses,  whose owners were happy to have them back, and there were some people who either died or abandoned their pets.  I tried to find their owners but when it was useless,  I offered them to people in the neighborhood who maybe wanted to have a pet and some responded favorably.

I have adopted pets myself and got them their shots and neutered. I made sure they had fresh water from a pet fountain outside and even built them a house with special animal heating pads so they could stay warm if they wanted to be outside.

After many years they died and now the only animal I don’t have is this cat I call “Skittish” because he still remains afraid of people. On cold nights,  he sleeps in the special house I built,  and still eats some of the food I serve him but sometimes I don’t see him for 3 or 4 days and then he appears waiting for food!  I never saw an animal like this;  I feed him and give him a home where he can be safe not be attacked but sometimes I see he has been under a car because of the oil spot on his head.

I said to God, “What am I doing wrong with this cat? I’m doing everything that I can do and he still doesn’t trust me!  And the LORD reminded me,  “Look how long I’ve been struggling with my creation, mankind. This cat has been abused and mistreated by other human beings and so it doesn’t trust anybody.”

And even though I didn’t think it was funny that people were like cats,  I had to laugh because the truth hit me. A person may have been abused and mistreated by others and finally gave up hearing any truth or trusting anybody.

There are some people who can stand up to the meanest jerks and be willing to fight,  yet you mention God’s name or his son Jesus and they run like scared cats.

God wants a relationship with HIS CREATION; that is YOU!  And if you can trust anybody, you can trust your God, your Creator, because he loves you more than anyone!

When you celebrate Thanksgiving this year,  give your thank you to the Father, and his son,  the LORD Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.  YOUR GOD loves you more than the best parent loves his child; more than the love that exist between a husband and a wife  better than the love of children for their parents.

Thank Him, Trust Him, and Love Him! Have a  HAPPY THANKSGIVING


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