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Paraphrased Quotes & Stories From Jesus

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Part of my Bible Seeds Page on my website, has poems that I’ve written and this one is set in Sequoia National Park.

This place was introduced to me by my wife Mary, who is the mother of my four children and the woman of my heart.

I heard about the Redwoods before but I never
I wrote this poem from that trip.

The  Only  Ones  That  Ever  Died

( by Carl Vasta )

I was walking in the land of giants, not forest green,  but  red.

I was feeling sad and lonely, Someone told me you were dead.

I came to see the big red trees that had lived from long ago, and maybe in their presence,  I would find out what they know.

Picture Of Man Looking At The Redwood Trees

These massive souls with  roots so shallow grasping   to the sod, were some  how being balanced by  the loving hand of GOD.

I saw some struck by  lightning,  others broken  on the ground, and all  around the redwood  tombs, new life was  abound.

GOD made a promise to  the "red" that they would  never die, and be the  giants of the world, ever  trying to reach the sky.

All they did was to  believe, strong and faithful  these, and the only ones  that ever died were the  non-believing trees.

I feel your presence here with me as we walk along.  I feel your spirit loving me and I know you're living on.

Your new life has found in me a reason not to cry,  but like the giants of this world,  keep trying to reach the sky.... and

All they did was to believe strong and faithful these,  and the only ones that ever died were the non-believing trees.

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