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The Lord's Prayer
( Music & Arrangement by Carl Vasta ©2003 )

This is new music to the words of the Lord's Prayer,
( Jesus' prayer to the Father )

You can click on the video above to see and hear the sheet music played by Carl on the
keyboard.  He has created a MIDI file for the sheet music you will see below and it can
give you an idea how the song is played.  You can print  ( the PDF sheet music )  with
the link below.  There is also an  MP3 of the MIDI File,  if your computer doesn't play
MIDI,  and there is also a link to hear Carl sing the finished song.

This song may start automatically, if there is no video.  It is not on a loop.  If you would like to
hear it again,  make sure active X is ON  and  a  control  panel  will  show above  the  sheet
   If you don't see a control panel,  you will be able to hear the MIDI by clicking on the
link that says MIDI File  or  MP3 of MIDI File.

Since all my MP3 songs, sheet music, MIDI files and everything on this website is
free,  I only ask that if you share these files or use my recordings for your video or
public performance,  please give me proper credit as "author or performing artist".
I Thank You For Your Consideration !  -   Carl Vasta      Print PDF      Midi File      MP3 of Midi File      MP3 - Carl singing

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