written & performed by Carl Vasta

What Mary,  the mother of Jesus might have
said to people who lived in her village,
about the crucifixion of her son and
the empty tomb three days later.

Mary,  Mary,  Mary,
please come to my side
Mary,  Mary,  Mary,
I heard your son had died
They nailed him to
an old wooden cross
It must have made you cry
Mary,  Mary,  Mary,
Why,  why,  Mary why

Mary,  Mary,  Mary,
what is that you said
Mary,  Mary,  Mary,
you said your sons’ not dead
He rose above the angry earth
Into his Father’s hands
Mary,  Mary,  Mary,  help me,
Oh, help me ... understand
Help me,  oh help me understand

The Music Of Carl Vasta
Copyright 2004 - 2019, All rights reserved