( The Hanukkah - Christmas Song )

written & performed by Carl Vasta
from his  "It's Christmas"  CD
Copyright 2002 by Carl Vasta
All Rights Reserved

Jewish sing

Hanukkah candles on a Menorah,
day by day we light
We now have seen the glow of seven,
eight we light tonight
Presents we have given to
each other from our love
God gives his light from this Menorah
to the ones he loves
God chose us to be his people
and so it will be

Christians sing

Cold winds blowing, soon it is snowing
on this Christmas eve
Silver bells ringing, carolers singing
on this Christmas eve
Gather ‘round the Christmas tree
to celebrate his birth
He took our sins upon a cross
and gave our souls their worth
Jesus called us out of darkness,
now our souls are free

Both groups sing together

We have been waiting for the Messiah
promised long ago
Tonight if he comes, then we are ready,
to follow where he goes
Some give up and shake their heads,
they say that he won’t come
He doesn’t need an Invitation,
we’ll know he’s the one

The Music Of Carl Vasta Copyright 2004 - 2019, All rights reserved