written & performed by Carl Vasta
from his  "It's Christmas"  CD
Copyright 2002 by Carl Vasta
All Rights Reserved

Christmas time is here again,
time for fam'ly, time for friends
It's been such a long time since you've seen them ... Enjoy!
Feel the chill that's in the air, It's Christmas
Twink'ling lights are everywhere, It's Christmas

See the snow upon the ground,
make a snowball soft and round
Throw it at someone who really loves you... Enjoy!
Jingle bells are in the air, It's Christmas
Everybody seems to care, It's Christmas

( Instrumental )

Mem'ries of the days gone by,
shine like stars up in the sky
Their thoughts will warm you on a Winter evening... Enjoy!
All the kind things people do, It's Christmas
Make it last the whole year through, It's Christmas

The Music Of Carl Vasta
Copyright 2004 - 2019, All rights reserved