A Song Dedicated To All Who Serve And
Have Served In The United States Armed Forces.

written & performed by Carl Vasta

A song for the fallen hero who's loved ones surely cried
When the news of how their loved one,  in battle,  gave their life
They made the choice to fight there and try to set things right
And give the freedom,  that they knew,  to all those living in blight

This song for the fallen hero is not a sad lament
It gave a meaning to their life,  helping those,  where they were sent
To take oppression from the weak,  so they could live like you and me
And they'd gladly do it over just to keep all man kind free

A friend who's in need,
has a friend who will fight for them in deed
There's no greater love
than to give your life for your friend.

A song for the fallen hero,  we stand and sing out loud
To all who fought for freedom,  you know you made us proud
May God in all his mercy,  rest upon you still
Passing years may fade away,  but your memory never will

The Music Of Carl Vasta
Copyright 2004 - 2019, All rights reserved