The Christmas Child

written & performed by Carl Vasta
from his  "It's Christmas"  CD
Copyright 2002 by Carl Vasta
All Rights Reserved


Christmas is a lonely child,  searching for a home
People take him for a day,  then they leave him alone
Unwrapped presents by the tree,  soon there are no more
The greatest gift remains unopened,  waiting at the door

Christmas is a little baby,  in a manger warm
Angels singing to the shepherds,  the Christmas Child is born
Wise men travel from a distance,  to this lonely place
Bringing gifts and giving honor,  just to see his face

The Christmas Child spent his life,  searching for the lost
He healed their hearts and gave them strength,  even from the cross
Abraham and Moses too,  lived to see His day
When the Father sent the Christmas Child,
to take our sins away

( Abraham-John 8:56 )
( Moses-Matthew 17:2 / Mark 9:2 / Luke 9;28 )

Christmas is the son of God,  Jesus is his name
He's coming back upon the earth,  forever is his reign
If you're sad at Christmas time,  you could not ask for more
Call his name,  the Christmas Child,  He's waiting at your door

Listen!  I stand the door and knock;
if anyone hears my voice and opens the door,
I will come into his house.....   ( words of Jesus )  [ Revelation 3:20 ]

The Music Of Carl Vasta Copyright 2004 - 2019, All rights reserved