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- NEW   2020  ELECTION  SONG -

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Paraphrased Quotes & Stories From Jesus

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- New  2020 Election  Song -

We’re Coming So Close To The 2020 Election!

Here Is A New Song from  THE MUSIC OF CARL VASTA  titled “AMERICA  THE  FREE”

"America The Free" is a new song dedicated to the power of the American people. That power is The VOTE!

The framers of the Constitution planned it so that the people would be able to decide what direction America should travel.

We have found that, if you elect thugs, robbers, and thieves as leaders of a country, you will be held up, robbed and have your lives stolen from you. We the people have the power to choose what kind of a nation we want to live in!

There is a backstory to this song that is sort of strange! The Lord gave me this song in 1974, at that same time, He gave me the beautiful melody to the “Lord’s Prayer.”

I really didn’t understand the lyric because in 1974, the country’s political party’s were different. The Democratic party was for the working people, who were in unions. The Republican party was for the people who owned businesses who needed help from taxes and regulations.

Both party’s loved the United States. Both highlighted the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights. Both loved its Founding Fathers and would quote them generously. Both respected Law and Order. The “family unit” was model to be looked up to.

But today, it’s all backwards and upside down: The Republican party is for the people and their businesses. They are the only ones who are for Law and Order, respecting our God and loving America.

But back in 1974, there was an undercurrent and it was taking a toll on our American way of life.

The “Hippie Generation” was settling down after being started 10 years earlier. As the Beatles wrote it, “Lady Madonna, children at your breast, how do you manage to feed the rest?” This movement tried to normalize the “Out of Wedlock” condition and tried to cover its ugliness with a fix called .... abortion!

Rulings from the Supreme Court were giving governments the right to remove God’s name from public schools and public places, even though His name existed in the founding documents of our nation.

I was trying my hand to be an organist at the church I was attending because they needed one and I said I’d give it try. I was used to playing in restaurants and piano bars.  I tried practicing the church songs at home and thought they would sound better at church. They didn’t!

I had a tape recorder and I used the church organ for the backtrack of the “America The Free” song. I finished the song at home with another tape recorder my friend had. I didn’t have any idea what to do with this song so I followed normal procedure and sent the song and sheet music to the Library Of Congress in Washington D.C and got a 1974 Copyright.

It wasn’t till 2009, I pulled the song back out and because of what was going on during the Obama administration, I rewrote some of the lyric. I made a new arrangement with my synthesizers and put it on my website that year

As I see it, God gave me this song for the 2016 and 2020 elections. The inspiration and the author of all the music we compose is the LORD GOD, He just allows us put our name on it.

Let us pray that God will give us the wisdom to elect leaders who have a strong faith ..... like our Founding Fathers, and who are willing to promote moral well being among our people and teach the value of the FREEDOMS given to us in our Bill Of Rights and our Constitution.

Here is that song,  AMERICA THE FREE.

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