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It's  Christmas 

written & performed by Carl Vasta
from his  "It's Christmas"  CD
Copyright 2002 by Carl Vasta
All Rights Reserved

video run time: 4 minutes - 03 seconds

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Christmas time is here again,
time for fam'ly, time for friends
It's been such a long time
since you've seen them ... Enjoy!

Feel the chill that's in the air,
It's Christmas

Twink'ling lights are everywhere,
It's Christmas

See the snow upon the ground,
make a snowball soft and round
Throw it at someone
who really loves you... Enjoy!

Jingle bells are in the air,
It's Christmas

Everybody seems to care,
It's Christmas

( Instrumental )

Mem'ries of the days gone by,
shine like stars up in the sky
Their thoughts will warm you
on a Winter evening... Enjoy!

All the kind things people do,
It's Christmas

Make it last the whole year through,
It's Christmas

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