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If The Little Baby Jesus
Hadn't Been Born

written & performed by Carl Vasta
from his  "It's Christmas"  CD
Copyright 2002 by Carl Vasta
All Rights Reserved

On Christmas Eve,
I went for a walk along a busy street
Never expecting the sight I'd see
or the man I'd meet

He was dressed up in a pinstripe suit,
a stylish hat and tie
There was an old black book
he waved in his hand
At the cars that were passing by---
and he said,

There'd never be a Rudolph
with his nose so bright
And Santa wouldn't fly
from the North Pole
on a 'round the world' flight

There wouldn't be pretty presents
'neath the tree with all the lights
If the little baby Jesus hadn't been born
in Bethlehem tonight

He was standing on the corner
as the cars stopped for the light
He shouted out the name of Jesus,
Ooh wee, what a sight

They all got scared
and rolled up their windows
and tried to hide from view
He shouted the name of Jesus again
an said, "Hey, I'm talkin' to you!"

There wouldn't be a Christmas star
and no wise men too
And Mary and Joseph be hangin' around,
just wond'rin what to do

There wouldn't be twelve apostles
and Lazarus would lose his life
If the little baby Jesus hadn't been born
in Bethlehem tonight

The Music Of Carl Vasta
Copyright 2004 - 2020, All rights reserved

The inspiration and the author of
all the music we compose is the LORD GOD,
He  just  allows  us  to  put  our  name  on  it! - cv