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I  Remember  Mama
I  Remember  Papa

written & performed by Carl Vasta

Verse 1

Today I lost a friend,
I lost one awhile ago
And now I'm sittin' here and cryin'

Thinkin' 'bout tomorrow,
what am goin' to do
How my goin'to keep myself on tryin'


Oh, I remember Mama,
I remember Papa
And the good times that we knew

I remember Mama,
I remember Papa
And the good things they would do

Well, they taught me how to pray
And to put my faith in Jesus
Taught me how to laugh instead of cry

I'll remember Mama,
I'll remember Papa
Till the livin' day I die


Verse 2

Won't you listen to me Mama,
listen to me Papa
You left your little boy (girl) behind

Now all I have are mem'ries,
sweet mem'ries of you
And a love you gave me for a time

( To Chorus )

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The inspiration and the author of
all the music we compose is the LORD GOD,
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