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I've  Got  A  Heartache
Just  Thinking  Of  You

written & performed by Carl Vasta

Lonesome feet that walk to my door
I turn the key, you're not there any more
A big ol' bed that's lonesome for two
I've got a heartache just thinking of you

There are pictures that hang on the wall
Happy mem'ries that I can recall
All the sweet things that you used to do
I've got a heartache just thinking of you

I reach out for the love
that we used to know
I reach in my dreams
to hold you close

There's just so much love,
and so little time
Now I reach for a glass
and a bottle of wine

Oh the kids, they're asleep in their beds
And your mem'ry is tucked in their heads
My head is spinning, but what can I do
I got a heartache just thinking of you

(Ending Lyric)

I've got a heartache just thinking,
A headache from drinking
A heartache just thinking of you

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