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Paraphrased Quotes & Stories From Jesus

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- How  Big  Is  Our  God -

Our God’s name that I am speaking about is “Yahweh” or “Jehovah”.   [ whom Jesus called   "The Father" ]

"Jesus"  was the name for God when it was translated from Hebrew into our English language from the Greek and in the text,  it was seen in capital letters as L-O-R-D. Jesus was often referred to as "Our LORD".

To people who don’t know God or Jesus when their name is mentioned,   they often think about 'That little baby in the manger’  and they mock him and say,  “He can't even take care of himself,  how is he going to help me?”

Or about the grown Jesus, that man on the cross  and they say, “He couldn’t even save himself,  how is he supposed to save me?

There are more than enough pictures and movies around depicting a baby in the manger with Mary and Joseph and a man on a cross that’s being crucified that makes it hard for people to think of God other than ‘a small baby God, or a helpless man on a cross!

But even though no one has ever seen God as Jesus says, let's take a look at God from another direction.

On a clear starry night,  take a look at the sky filled with millions of stars as far as you can see, and some of the closer planets in our solar system.  What are those stars?  Our sun is a star and so what you see shinning in the heavens are stars.

Our moon is how far human beings have traveled into space, an average of 240 thousand miles from Earth.

We see a complicated universe spinning in an orderly fashion. So precise that those who plan future trips to the Moon or to Mars know exactly where that planet will be at the time of arrival.

We have sent machines called ‘Rovers’ to it’s surfaces to find out more about the make up of the planets so we can send human expeditions to those places safely.  Japan has even landed two rovers on an asteroid September 21, 2018.

Like the moon which travels in an orbit around our planet,  so nine planets orbit our sun with two planets,  Mercury and Venus,  being closer to the sun than we are, which is 93 million miles from us.  Their are two dwarf worlds;  Pluto and Eris which are further out than our ninth planet,   Neptune,  and orbit our sun on different planes than the other nine planets.

The sun and all these planets that orbit it are called a “Solar System”.  If you could put our whole Solar System in a cube,  each side would be 6 Billion miles!&nbs; How many cubes would it take from our sun to reach the nearest solar system to us,  which is Alpha Centuri?  The answer is 4,278 cubes!  Or over 400 billion miles.

Our sun is over 100 times larger than the Earth in diameter. Betelguese is one of the largest bright stars, or suns, in our Galaxy and it is roughly 600 times the diameter of our sun.

Astronomers often use the term light year when referring to stellar distances.  A light year, which is 186,000 miles per second, is a measure of distance,  not time.  At that speed we could circle the Earth 7 times in 1 second.  Betelguese is more than 400 light years away,  or over 2400 Trillion miles.

We are located in the Milky Way Galaxy that has 100 Billion stars and is 80,000 light years across. I want you to notice this is only one Galaxy.   And these numbers are constantly expanding because the whole universe is expanding.

It is estimated in the whole Universe, there are over a 100 Billion Galaxies.  However, to travel across the known universe at the speed of light would take 28 Billion years or more!

I know these are mind boggling figures and it’s hard for us to wrap our mind around the largeness of the known universe.

But, the question I have is Where Does It Exist?  If you ever get outside the Universe, where is it?  Now I’m being silly….. Is it in a huge container or box?  And where does that container exist?

“Crickets, do you hear crickets?”

May I propose a theory? I think the entire Universe exists IN THE MIND OF GOD! So on a clear starry night when you behold the sky and the stars above,  you are looking into the ‘mind of God. I believe we all exist in the mind of God because whatever He wills Is done.

[ In the bible Genesis 1:1 says, ]  In the beginning,  GOD created the heavens and the Earth.

[ In Jeremiah Chapter 32: Verse 17 ]  He says, “Ah Lord God! Behold, You have made the heavens and the earth by Your great power and outstretched arm.  There is nothing too great or impossible for you.

[ And in Psalms 8: verses 3-4 ]  David said about God, 3“When I behold Your heavens, the work of Your fingers, the moon and the stars, which You have set in place— 4 what is man that You are mindful of him, or the son of man that You care for him?”

So…. How Big Is Our God?  Maybe next time you hear the name Jesus, you won’t think of him as just as a baby in a manger or a helpless dying man on a cross,  but that you too might wonder as David did. Why is God so in love with his creation that he made Jesus, His word,   flesh . . . .   and sent him here to gather all those who would believe that He would take their sins so they could live with him forever in the Kingdom of Heaven?

As Jeremiah said,  “Ah Lord God! There is nothing too great or impossible for you!"


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