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Paraphrased Quotes & Stories From Jesus

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- What  A  Last  Day -
Christian  Believes

I BELIEVE  in the One and Only GOD,  who is the Creator of all things,  the Heavens,  the Earth,  and all life everywhere,  and whose existence has ALWAYS BEEN,  IS NOW,  and WILL  BE  FOREVER.

I BELIEVE  that the Holy Bible is the written “Word of GOD”  that was spoken of by Moses and Joshua;  GOD’s Prophets and by JESUS,  our LORD and SAVIOR  who revealed to us that  GOD IS THREE,  but GOD is not His name,  it’s His title!

'JEHOVAH'  is GOD’s name and He is the first part of the Three!  JESUS,  introduced Him to us as the  'FATHER'.

Right now, I would like to remind you of an old saying: A man is only as good as his word.  The words of a man reveal his character;  so if his words are true,  he can be trusted.  But if he is a liar,  his words reveal he cannot be trusted!  If you have a relationship with this person,  business or otherwise,  you will be greatly disappointed!

Jesus is the second part of the Three!  The first thing John says in his gospel is that  'Jesus is the only Son of God.  Jesus was there in the Father's presence from the beginning as the 'WORD OF GOD' and through him all things came into being.'

As the 'WORD OF GOD',  Jesus revealed “JEHOVAH” to Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, David, Solomon, and the Prophets,

The “HOLY SPIRIT” is the third part of the Three!  By the power of the HOLY SPIRIT,  the WORD OF GOD became flesh and was born the only begotten 'SON OF GOD'  through the virgin Mary and was given the name “JESUS”.

I BELIEVE  that “JESUS” fulfilled all the  “prophesies”  that were given by God, and spoken by Moses,  the Prophets,  and the Psalms regarding The Salvation Of Mankind.

I BELIEVE  Jesus performed miracles so the blind did see,  the lame did walk,  the lepers were cleansed,  the deaf were healed and could hear,  the dumb could speak and some who died were raised back to life.

I BELIEVE  that Jesus preached the gospel to the poor and to all those who were living without hope, fulfilling Isaiah’s prophecy about the Messiah;  “Your children shall all be taught by God,”

I BELIEVE  that Jesus, who was without sin, was accused of blasphemy by the religious leaders in Jerusalem because he claimed to be the “Son Of God” and they voted to have him put to death. They took him to the Roman leaders who couldn’t find any reason to crucify him, but because of the will of the religious leaders and the people under their power, the Romans had Jesus whipped, scourged, humiliated and crucified!

I BELIEVE  Jesus took the sins of all mankind upon himself, gave up his Spirit and died on a cross, so that those who put their faith in him would be saved from the judgement of death and given everlasting life with GOD in His Kingdom.

I BELIEVE  that three days after Jesus was buried, he was resurrected back to life and left the tomb.

I BELIEVE  that when Jesus was buried,  he went to the place of comfort called “Abraham’s Bosom”, where the righteous dead were ransomed by Jesus’ victory over death and they were brought into paradise with him at his resurrection.

I BELIEVE  that Jesus appeared to, and remained with his apostles forty days after his resurrection and instructed them in many things then ascended to the Father in heaven.

I BELIEVE  in these 'Last Days',  Jesus will remove all those who have died and those who are living,  who have put their trust in Him;  He will remove them out of this world and into the Kingdom of Heaven.  They will be reunited with their loved ones and given new bodies like Jesus' body,  and will live in his presence forever.

I BELIEVE  that after that,  the  wrath of GOD,  which has been prepared for those who reject GOD’s “Invitation of Salvation”,  will test all those who remain on the Earth for seven years;  referred to as The Tribulation.

I BELIEVE  that the faithful saints from all the churches that Jesus Christ founded,  will come back with Jesus to the Earth, and defeat the armies gathered together by Satan to make war with GOD.

I BELIEVE  that Satan will be locked up in “The Bottomless Pit” for a thousand years while Jesus rules over a restored Earth.

I BELIEVE  at the end of a thousand years,  Satan will be released and gather the nations together, one last time, to war against GOD and will be defeated by GOD and thrown into the lake of fire and sulfur where the antichrist and the false prophet have already been thrown.  They will be tormented day and night forever.

I BELIEVE  The rest of the dead will be raised back to life.  Then God will judge all the generations that have lived on the Earth according to what they had done.  Whoever does not have his name written in the book of the living is thrown into the lake of fire along with death and the world of the dead.

I BELIEVE  Then the first Heaven and Earth will disappear and the sea will vanish,  and a new Heaven and Earth will be seen.  And there we will live with GOD!

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