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Paraphrased Quotes & Stories From Jesus

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America is one of the few nations in the world where it's people can choose a government under which they would like to live and raise a family. People in the world are still clamoring to enter the United States because of the great opportunities that exist to expand their business talents and raise their families.

Meanwhile in this 2020 election,  two political parties are trying to convince the people of America to put their vote in for them.  The Republican Party has been in control for four years basically without the help of the Democrat Party.

Each is presenting it's own case of why they deserve to be elected.

The Republicans stand for:

• Reducing the tax burden on the people, and getting rid of regulations that hamper business.

• Promoting a Pro Life policy which is opposing abortion and euthanasia. ( which is the practice of causing or permitting death at will )

• In the last four years the Republicans have brought back a strong economy and set record highs to the employment of all who work.

Even with the recent Covid 19 epidemic, there is still a question of how strong a comeback the United States will make and how it will affect people to make a living, educate their families and be allowed to practice their faith in God.

The Democrat Party has aligned themselves with people, mayors and governors of different states in the U.S. embracing Marxist policies, which tries to:

• Abolish religion and diminish the family unit.

• Negatively affect the educational system.

• It does not value the concept of private ownership.

• And it limits opportunities for people who are operating their own business and for others looking forward to starting a new business.

• Marxism can also lead to communism.

Some examples of Marxist countries, that have a communist economy that are ruled by a single party, are:

• China

• Cuba

• Venezuela

• North Vietnam

Marxist is the term often used to describe communists.

I heard an interesting story from a radio host the other day. He said that he knew a family in his neighborhood, when he was growing up, that had come from Cuba and became citizens of the United States.  They tried to bring their grandfather over here from Cuba. Their government was not going to release him unless they paid a ransom.  They paid the ransom the first time, but never heard anything from them again.  Later they tried again, maybe with some help from our government. They paid another ransom and finally succeeded in bringing him here and he lived with them.

One day they went shopping at a grocery store and the grandfather was hobbling along with his cane and when they got to the cereal aisle, the granddaughter asked him what cereal he wanted to eat.

He was amazed at the variety of the cereals that were on the shelves, and he said to his granddaughter, 'Which one would they allow me to choose'?  He meant which cereal would the government allow him to buy?

She said, 'Grandfather, You can pick any cereals you want and as much as you want.'  He stood there amazed, looking at all the different kinds of cereal and he started to cry,  like a baby!

Maybe because he had lived so long with no choices!  Is that what you would want for your life and for your loved ones?

A section of the song,  "America  The  Free"  by written and perfromed by Carl Vasta

Now we come to the choice you will have to make when your body dies on this Earth and your soul goes to live on in one of these two places!

Who do you want to live with?

The CREATOR, your GOD or the Traitor,  the angel God created as Lucifer who became Satan, and who convinced a third of the angels that 'he should be God!' There are only two final places that exist for each of these groups:


GOD, The Father, his son Jesus and the Holy Spirit live in HEAVEN.  Heaven is an actual place!  GOD created it as a beautiful place to live for those who have trusted Jesus Christ as their Savior.

In the book of John, Chapter 14: Verses 1-3, Jesus tells his apostles,

Do not let your hearts be troubled.  You believe in God; believe also in me.  In my Father’s house, there are many places to live, enough for all who will be with the Father and me; if that were not so, would I tell you that I am going there to prepare a place for you? And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me so you may be where I am with the Father.”

These thoughts are emphasized in Jesus prayer for the apostles in the book of John, Chapter 17.

( Music Starts ) “The Lord’s Prayer”  written and performed by Carl Vasta.

• In 2nd Corinthians 12: 1-4,  The Apostle Paul who was taken into Paradise (the 3rd Heaven) says of the things he saw and heard, could not be described and he was not allowed to speak about them. • But in 1 Corinthians 2:9, Paul says, 'No eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man imagined, what God has prepared for those who love him'—

• In Revelation 21:4,  The Apostle John says He ( GOD ) will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.

• Jesus told the Sadducees when they questioned him about marriage in Heaven, "The men and women of this age marry, but the men and women who are worthy to rise from death and live in the age to come will neither marry or be given in marriage, and they can no longer die; for they are like the angels. They are the children of God, because they have risen from death." Luke, Chapter 20, Verses 34-37

• It was revealed to John what was to come for the “CHURCH” ( the believers of Jesus ) after they had finished their work and were taken off the Earth or “caught up into heaven” by an event we know as “the rapture”.  In an instant, all Christian believers, ( all of those who have put their trust in Jesus as their personal savior ) who are living or have died – will join Christ in the sky, and be taken into heaven and reunited with their loved ones who have gone before them. They will be given new bodies, ( not corruptible ), but like Jesus’ body and live in His presence forever.   1 Thessalonians 4:17


In the Old Testament,  Hell  is not mentioned.  But there is a place called “Sheol,” which refers to the dwelling place of people after death.  There was a place for those who lived righteously and a place for the wicked,  the ones in whom evil dwells in their hearts.

Luke 16:19-31  supports this view with a story from Jesus called 'Lazarus And The Rich Man'.  A story about a poor beggar named Lazarus,  who lived outside a rich man's house hoping to receive scraps of food from the rich man's table.  They both died and went to their respective places.  It was still Sheol, and the place for the righteous was called 'Abraham's Bosom' because Abraham was there to welcome the righteous.

From his place of torment,  the rich man saw Lazarus with Abraham and asked if Lazarus 'could dip his fingers in water and 'cool my tongue and stop this burning!'  But Abraham told him 'Remember, my son, when your life was filled with all good things while Lazarus had a bad life and no one cared. Now Lazarus is being comforted while you are being tormented.  Also, there is a deep pit between us so anyone who would pass from here to you cannot, and no one can cross from where you are to us.'

The rich man said,  "Then I beg you father Abraham,  send Lazarus to my five brothers at my father's house to warn them so they will not end up here where I am being tormented!"

Abraham replied,  "They have Moses and the prophets, let them listen to them."

The rich man answered, "That is not enough of a warning, father Abraham! But if someone were to rise from death and go to them, then they would repent."

But Abraham said, "If they do not take the words of Moses and the prophets seriously, then they will not be convinced even if someone were to rise from death."  Book Of Luke, Chapter 16, Verses 19-31

At Jesus' resurrection, he had released the captives in "Abraham's Bosom" and they were seen by many people in Jerusalem. They were also taken to paradise with Jesus.

'All the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars—they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.'

So,  which one do you choose for your soul to live at after your first death?

This topic  Choosing A Place To Live  is really more important than choosing a person or a party to govern for two or four years, whether it's for congress or a president or for a local election.  Your choice, if enough people vote like you do, may have an effect where you live for some years until the next party or person gets elected.

But choosing a place for your soul to live after you die here..... takes just your vote and is a choice for ETERNITY!   There is no second death for those who accept God's invitation of Salvation through his son Jesus Christ!

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