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A  Song  Dedicated  To  The  Power
Of  The  American  People

written & performed by Carl Vasta
Copyright 2009 by Carl Vasta
All Rights Reserved

video run time: 5 minutes - 00 seconds

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In God we trust....
Is the 'motto' of our land
How can we trust...
Unless we have the faith to believe

In the land of our fathers
where freedom is trademark
There are those who oppose
the freedom of our land

The dividing of our people
and the hiding of God's word
Brings foreclosure to a house
that will not stand

America, America,
What does your future hold for you?
Will your leaders serve un-selfishly
and not tax human dignity

With every dream you hope to be,
America you're part of me
Will your people choose to be
"America The Free" ?


Don,t ask your Uncle Sam,
he's done all he can do!
The problem needs solutions,
it's up to you
And from sea to shining sea,
we can all be FREE,
if we try,  we got to try

Don't forget your power,
Your voice can be heard
Just  VOTE,
and you will have
the very last word
And from sea to shining sea,
we can all be FREE,  if we try,
we got to try

Elect the ones who listen,
people to do your will
Those you can be proud of
on Capitol Hill
And from sea to shining sea,
we can all be FREE,  if we try,
We got to try

They say a house divided
cannot really stand
So people,  join together across this land
And from sea to shining sea,
we can all be FREE,  if we try,
if we try,  if we try


With the help of God I know,
we can make our freedom grow
Then the world will surely see that...
America  Is  Free !

The Music Of Carl Vasta
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The inspiration and the author of
all the music we compose is the LORD GOD,
He  just  allows  us  to  put  our  name  on  it - crv