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This is a new song dedicated to the  POWER  American people have when they
exercise their right to VOTE.

They are choosing a moral direction for America, a land where they want to live and raise their children.

The framers of the Constitution planned it so that the people would  be able to decide what direction America should travel.

We have found that,  if you elect liars,  thugs,  robbers,  and  thieves as your leaders,  you will be lied to, robbed,  and have your lives stolen from you.

We the people have the  POWER  to choose what kind of nation we want to live in.

Let us pray that God will give us the wisdom to elect leaders who have a strong faith, like our Founding Fathers, and who are willing to promote moral well being among our people and teach the value of the FREEDOMS given to us in our Bill Of Rights and our Constitution.

I have created a ( MIDI file )  for the sheet music you will see below and it can give you an idea how the song is played.


You can print the ( PDF sheet music ) with the link below and there is also an  ( MP3 of the MIDI File )  in the player below,  if your computer doesn't play MIDI.


To hear Carl sing the finished song, take the link at the top, back to the Original Songs page.

.MP3  Of  The  MIDI  File

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Lead Sheet-Page

Lead Sheet-Page 2

Lead Sheet-Page 3

Here is an MP3 of  Carl  Vasta  singing,


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